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Alpine Adventures Policies

Required Forms

  1. A completed Liability, Medical, and Photo release is required of all participants. Additional releases from the resorts may be required. Anyone who has not provided the required release forms will not be allowed to participate and no refund will be given.

Payments & Schedule Changes

  1. Full payment for your program is due 45 days before your program start date.
  2. Program payments should be sent to the office for proper credit.
  3. If full payment is not received ten days before your first trip you will be assessed a $30.00 late fee, and you may not be allowed on the bus. In addition, 1.5% interest will be charged on all unpaid balances starting on the date of your first trip.
  4. If your check is returned unpaid by the bank, we will have to charge you $20.00.
  5. Any changes to your program must be requested in writing and received in our office via fax, mail, or in person. Phone and e-mail requests will be accepted but must have written notification to take effect. Changes to your program made within 21 days of the start date are charged a $15 change fee. Changes to your program made within 7 days of the start date are charged a $35 change fee. However, you are allowed one program or schedule change at no charge.
  6. Credits or refunds for using a season pass or other resort distributed pass instead of an Alpine Adventures issued lift pass will be given for the trip in which the pass was used. To ensure receiving proper credit, it is the member’s responsibility to inform the bus supervisor when you use a season pass and to contact the office before the trip to request a credit.
  7. Rain checks, trip credits, or positive balances must be used by the end of the season following their issue. Any rain checks, trip credits, or positive balances not used within the specified time period will expire and be removed without notice from the members account.

Make Up Trips

  1. When a trip is postponed, it is rescheduled to the next available make up date as listed on the program calendar. You should plan on 1-3 postponements a season due to weather.
  2. There are no credits or refunds given for missed trips, lessons, or any portion of a trip you do not use.
  3. You may transfer or sell your seat to someone else (certain restrictions will apply) with prior approval from the office. Any approved person substituting for a member will be required to complete a medical, liability, and photo release.
  4. If you notify the office in advance it may be possible to schedule a trip on a different day or session if there is space available. A transportation fee of $45 will be charged (plus a ticket or other fee if applicable).

Courtesy and Conduct

  1. Common courtesy and mature judgment are expected of all of our members. This contributes to a successful and fun trip for everyone. If a member chooses not to conduct his or her self in a manner acceptable to our supervisors, they will be asked to not return on the next trip and their parents will be notified. A second offense will result in expulsion.
  2. Possession of, or the use of tobacco products, alcohol, pornography, or drugs IS FORBIDDEN AT ALL TIMES and is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  3. Members returning late cause our buses to return late. Any member who returns after the announced departure time will be fined $50.00. The departure time is given during the morning announcements. This fine must be paid before the member will be allowed to attend another trip.
  4. No credits or refunds will be allowed for any trips missed due to circumstances stated in A, B, or C above.
  5. Laser pointers are not allowed and will be confiscated.

Guest Policy

  1. Guests are welcome on a space available basis. Call the office (916) 737-7669 on Thursdays before the trip to make a reservation. If not attending a LTS day guests should be at least a level 3 ability or better. Beginners or novice guests are welcome on our non-LTS days if accompanied by an adult.
  2. Parents are welcome to travel with us. A reduced bus charge and a discounted lift pass are available. Please call for a reservation.
  3. Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests.
  4. A medical, liability, and photo release form must be completed for each guest and signed by his or her parent. Forms are available on the bus, by mail from the office, or on the Important Forms page at our website www.AlpineAdventures.us. Please acquire one in advance of bringing a guest.

Non-Standard Departure or Arrival

  1. To ensure the safety of our members, the following procedures must be followed for any nonstandard departure or arrival of a member from the resort.
  2. Parents must notify the office or head supervisor in advance of the trip they are picking up or dropping off their children at the resort.
  3. Parents must check in with the head supervisor before departing with their children from the resort. Please have suitable identification to show the supervisor.
  4. If a parent does not check in with the supervisor before leaving the resort with their child, a missing child alert will be issued at the resort. A search and rescue will be initiated for the member and all related costs will be the responsibility of the parent.
  5. If a member's parent has not checked in with the supervisor by the departure time from the resort, that member will be required to return home on the bus.
  6. If a member must be picked up from the resort by someone other than the member’s parent, prior written authorization from our office is required.