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Alpine Adventures Procedures

Weather & Trip Information

  1. Beginning at 6:00 PM on Fridays and continuing through the morning of the trip, there will be a message on our information line (916) 456-0263 extension #9. This recording will tell you the trip destination, the expected weather, and whether the trip is going or not. If a trip is postponed it is rescheduled to the next available make up date.
  2. It is important you call before each trip, regardless of the weather, to check for any last minute changes, including bus departure location and time changes!
  3. During changeable weather conditions the final “go/no go” decision may not be made until 3:00 AM. A trip can be postponed at any time but once a trip is announced as postponed, that decision will not be changed.
  4. Every effort is made to ensure that we make the “right” decision of whether a trip should go or not. Your safety and enjoyment are most important. Some of the best ski and board conditions occur during inclement weather, so be aware that trips may go even when it is snowing or chains are required.
  5. Keep in mind that weather in the Sierra is quite changeable and can occasionally take a turn for the worse. Unless it becomes unsafe, once a trip is committed, we continue to the resort. Members who are properly dressed can have a great day in even the worst of conditions. If you have not skied in snowy weather, go with the supervisors. They will show you how to enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of skiing in fresh snow.
  6. During inclement weather, chain control and traffic can delay our arrival and/or return home from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. This can shorten our time at the resort.


  1. There are three to four supervisors on each bus. Supervisors are easily recognized by their red jackets. They are there for you! Please let them know if you have any questions, a problem, or need someone to ski with.
  2. Group tours for levels 5 and up are given by the supervisors and take place shortly after we arrive at the resort. This is a fun way to explore each resort, get tips on how to improve your technique, and meet others who ski at your level.
  3. During the day you will find supervisors skiing on the hill, with classes or with members.

Ski Equipment, Clothing, Rentals

  1. Since many skis, boots and poles look alike, especially rental gear, make sure that you have your gear when unloading the bus. Carefully mark all your equipment. Masking tape with your name works well for all your equipment.
  2. Use ski bags or straps to keep your skis and poles together on the bus.
  3. The bus companies do not allow the wearing of ski boots on the bus ("Cat Tracks" on ski boots and soft soled snowboard boots without metal plates are OK). For the trip up, boots should be stowed inside the bus under your seat. They may not be worn in the bus. Boots are stowed in the baggage compartment for the return trip.
  4. Be prepared to ski in any weather condition and dress appropriately. Use the equipment checklist as a guide. If you plan to rent, do so at one of our recommended shops here in town. Mark all your rental gear with your name in masking tape.
  5. We maintain a lost & found, so if you lose something call us immediately.

Traveling to and from the resort

  1. The trip up and back can be as much fun as the skiing. Here are some things to help you enjoy the ride and keep you safe.
  2. When loading the bus in the morning put your skis/snowboard equipment in the baggage bin opened for your stop. Bring your boots on board (they may freeze if left in the baggage bin). There is storage under your seat and in overhead racks. Neither is spacious so be a good traveler and bring only the essentials.
  3. Our buses are usually full so you will often get to sit with another fun Alpine Adventure member.
  4. There is a bathroom on board for your convenience. En route to the resort it gets a lot of use, so please use it for that purpose and not as a dressing room.